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Infant Incubator

The Problem

Each year eight million children die before their 5th birthday.
Three million of these deaths occur in the first 28 days and there is nothing more saddening than to watch helplessly as a new born babies life ends before it had had a chance at life. It doesn’t have to be this way. Many of these deaths are preventable if babies are placed in the safety and warmth of a neonatal incubator.
The problem is that High Tec lifesaving incubators are expensive, costing up to $35,000 and require essential expensive on-going servicing and maintenance to keep them working.These incubators are not designed to work in the challenging developing world Hospital so they break down often.

The average lifespan of an infant incubator in a Hospital in Africa is less than eighteen months. Once an incubator fails it is pushed into a corner and forgotten.
When Incubators die, children die, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

The Solution

The Mondiale Life Pod incubator is designed to be indestructible, purifies its own air and water, costs only $2,000 and will run continuously without the need for replacement parts or maintenance by trained technicians.
Click HERE to see a video of the Mondiale Lifepod Incubator.
Using lean design and manufacturing principles and state of the art materials of construction the Lifepod incubator is lifecycle tested to 100,000 hours continuous running and does not need servicing by trained technicians.
The Patented Mondiale humidification system prevents the propagation of pathogenic bacteria within the incubator.

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