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The Problem

Despite the well meaning efforts of Governments and International NGOs and the dispersement of billions of dollars of aid, primary healthcare in the developing world setting has not improved significantly in the past twenty years.divya.jpg

Independent assessments show that there is a large gap between public statements made by NGOs and what is realized in practice.

Most critically, many development initiatives are "action" driven rather than quality driven which results in poor, non clinically proven, products and practices being applied which is wasteful and often results in poor healthcare outcomes.

Non Governmental Organizations are mostly self regulated and often deploy products and services which are not subject to the same scientific rigor and mandatory regulatory requirements required in the developed world.


The Solution

Medicine Mondiale has established the Ethical Science Group and independent panel of experts and student volunteers who conduct Quality Analysis of Global Healthcare Initiatives to determine the effectiveness and efficacy of healthcare initiatives deployed in the developing world setting.

This comprises reviewing the quality and reliability of clinical trial data used to support (validate) global healthcare initiatives including meta statistical analysis of current research archives and Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA Risk analysis) of global healthcare strategies.

The aim of the Ethical Science Group is to improve the quality and efficacy of healthcare throughout the developing world.

Our research results will be published in Medical Journals and distributed to NGOs and the International media.

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