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Infant Nutrition


Infant Incubator

p_3.jpg Medicine Mondiale scientists have developed  a range of revolutionary low cost functional foods to prevent and treat infant malnutrition.
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p_4.jpg Our high tech low cost neonatal incubator has been specifically designed for use in the challenging developing world environment.
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New ideas in technology save millions of lives around the world every day

Millions of lives each year are saved by the introduction of new technology ,sadly most of the underlying research is aimed at improving the lives of those in the developed world.
Our focus is developing technologies and products which make quality healthcare accessible to all.
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Acuset IV Flow Controller


Ethical Science Group


Our research partners

p_3.jpg The Acuset IV Flow controller has the potential to save millions of lives by improving the safety of IV infusion treatment.
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p_4.jpg Our Ethical Science Group panel of independent experts monitors and the safety and efficacy of Global healthcare initiatives.
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p_4.jpg We are privileged to work collaboratively with world renowned research institutions who are committed improving global healthcare.
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